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Life Was Fantastic With You Released on 1/20/19

“Life Was Fantastic With You” was released on January 20th on your favorite streaming platforms and music download sites. This song was written for a dear friend of mine who passed away last year. GENRE: Country, Country-Folk, Americana There was no song I could find so I thought that I’d write mine To share my feelings of you. Opening lyric lines in “Life Was Fantastic With You” by Lisa Caterbone

In my songwriter studio

A little about me

I am a songwriter that currently lives in Las Vegas, NV. I write songs because I love to create. It’s an amazing feeling to sit at my guitar and feel music channeling out of me. I try to bring this music to life in my words and melodies. I hope you enjoy them and will add me to your playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc…

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